My first music video from the new EP :)

It's simple, but effective. I thought I'd just let the words tell the story here, as making 'Ordinary Girl' was fun, but a massive undertaking, and lives were nearly lost during the editing.

 My first ever music video :)

I was so massively pleased with how it turned out. What I loved most about it, apart from loving the song, was that it actually has so much of me in it- singing, acting, dancing and an element of clowning around.

It's amazing how a video can bring a song even more to life :)



What's better to do after a nightshift in paediatric emergency than head down to Bondi to play in the Bondi Street Music Festival? My friend and fellow emergency doctor, Bishan, arranged us a slot at this organised busking fair. Joined by Yosanta and Ming-Yu, we did a mix of covers and originals and raised some money for charity :)



My lifelong friend Winston Bell-Gam owns an online TV station called MillenniumTV, and he kindly arranged an interview with the lovely Antoinette Alexis, who asked me about my getting started in all this, as well as my new EP. I think I kept it together (just about...) 


Victor Steele: Factor This - EP