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No Depression

The american music magazine heard my debut EP 'Factor This', and gave it glowing ratings :D

Check it out….

June 14th, 2015 

Wave FM

Jade and Travis

  September 17th, 2014 

The preview of my release of 'Gonna Be There'.

Jade, Travis and I had a really fun talk about music, medicine and my new single on the airwaves :)

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All About Jazz

October 20th, 2014     

American music magazine 'All About Jazz' really loved my new EP! They actually seemed to get what every song was about. Apparently, it's doing really well on the radio over there!  

No Depression

My first interview with the US press just before my stateside release of the EP V-Factor.

  August 24th, 2014  

Manly Daily

Rod Bennett


 The preview of my EP launch at Shore Club, Manly in June 2013.

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Jazz Corner

My first formal music review!!!

October 8th, 2014   

US magazine 'Jazz Corner' really loved 'Gonna Be There', tipping it to be a radio hit! I'm not quite sure about the jazz and blues references, but hey- as long as people like it… :)   

Victor Steele: Factor This - EP